About Us

Small Business Funding Redefined!

A modern Alternative to Traditional Bank Financing

Cornerstone Funding provides a proven alternative to traditional avenues of small business financing. We provide you with quick access to working capital, without many of the headaches that are typically seen in the process. Whether it’s for purchasing equipment, expanding to new locations, or just making it through a seasonal cash flow crunch, we get your business funded.

About Cornerstone Funding

In business since 2002, Cornerstone Funding has provided over $250 million of cash to thousands of small and medium sized businesses of every type across United States.

Cornerstone Funding CEO, Tim Anderson, witnessed the collapse of the dot-com bubble first-hand while working in Silicon Valley in 2001. Shortly afterwards, banks started to deny providing small business owners the capital they needed to grow their businesses. Inspired by the sequence of technology bust events and the resulting lack of support for small businesses, Tim and a group of financial industry experts formulated a variety of alternative small business funding options.

Since then, our team has been constantly looking for innovative solutions to help business owners build strong and profitable companies, by providing convenient access to working capital and other financial services. We strive to provide our customers with more funding and longer terms at lower costs.

With competitive pricing, “common sense” underwriting and outstanding customer service, you will quickly see why Cornerstone Funding is the #1 source of working capital in the United States.

Our staff has decades of experience in the financial services sector. We have helped numerous businesses, from restaurants and retail stores to professional service providers, grow their companies to new heights. We would love to meet you and extend our services to you as well.